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      I’ve been looking around for a new 3 chip camcorder and found many people have had great success with the canon gl-2. I was wondering if it would be a good choice to go with. I film all shorts of things, but mostly using it for short independent films. Thanks ahead for any imput.

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      I saw your general question regarding the GL-2 and had to pass along some advice. This is a great camera based upon features and video picture quality. That said, you really need to do some research on the web before you decide to plunk down the fortune they want for it. This camera is one of many models in the Canon line that has a serious design defect. A suggestion: do a google search under “Canon remove cassette” and be prepared for a real eye-opening experience. I have had 2 canon elura 2MC’s both develop the problem but it affects Eluras, Opturas, ZR’s and even the GL series. For the amount of money they charge for this camera, this is a disgrace. I also have a web site that is compiling names of affected owners who have cameras that are virtually worthless and would like to pursue a class-action. In a short time I have had 115 owners sign up and of that total, 13 are owners of GL-2 models. My web-site is:

      I used a GL-1 (rental) and thought it was a very good camera. However, I would not spend that kind of money on a device with this kind of failure rate. You may have your mind set on one and then no one will talk you out of it. You may get lucky. But do some reading first.

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      I own a GL2 and I’ve had it since December ’04. I’ve never had any tape error messages or jamming or anything like that.

      I worried about that whole thing for like a month before I bought my GL2. I decided to just go for it. I’m glad I did.

      I think the whole tape jamming issue only happends to people who are careless with their equipment. When you close the tape mechanism, push ONLY WHERE THEY TELL YOU TO!!! Otherwise the tape will go in incorrectly and thus the mechanism will jam.

      If you are careless with your equipment, this isn’t the camera for you.

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      I was looking at the GL2 as well. I ended up getting a Panasonic AG-DVC30. It ended up costing less and is more durable. I am not disappointed and I highly recommend this one.

      Tim P.

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      I have a GL2 with tons of hours on it. Had the “Remove the Cassette” error and shipped back to canon factory service, they replaced the tape mechanism, and gave a pretty significant cost break. If you are having this problem I definately recommend sending it to canon factory service for repair asap. The camera does a nice job, and for the money I would definately recommend.

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      I agree. That’s what I use and I stongly endorse them.

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      I used a Canon ZR25 for two years will I was in high school. In all we probably shot about 15 hours of video on it a year plus we used it as a deck for EVERY editing project that my class put out, which included 2 50 minute video festivals. My point being is that I got the same error message as you did and all I did was turn the camera off and then back on. Got the tape out and then ran a cleaning tape through it just to clean the heads. I do feel for you however.
      About the GL2, if I seem to remember 28 days later was shot on the GL2 and it was a beautiful movie. I realize the spent countless hours color correcting the footage but what movie doesn’t? Haveing shott on Sony’s, Canon, Betas and DVC Pros: I can say as far as mini dv formats go canon CCD’s are great. I love the color they produce, and would only trade them in for something along the lines of DVC Pro or Beta SP.

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      Before buying the GL2, I was worried about the number of people who had a problem with the tape mechanism. However, the other features of the GL2 won me over and I bought it. That was just 2 months ago, and I haven’t had any problems.

      What gives me peace of mind is the 4-year Mack extended warranty I purchased. I got it for $149 at Beach Camera. This gives me a total of 5 years warranty coverage–parts and labor–should the camera malfunction.


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