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      Ok, I am still pondering weather or not to make the $2000 plunge to buy the 7D along with some accessories. I have a few more questions. Please help if you can.

      1. how many hours of footage can I capture with a 32 gb compactflash?

      2.Does the camera shoot time lapse footage? or do I have purchase additional software to edit it? Currently I use Sony Vegas Pro 9.

      3. Does the codec this camera uses work within Sony Vegas Pro?

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      I considered all of the brands out there but settled with a Sony A380. I have been very pleased with its performance and picture taking ability. As well, since Minolta was bought out by Sony, it is very easy to find inexpensive lenses that are compatible with it. All Minolta lenses fit Sony DSLR cameras. Hope this doesn’t mess up your thought process.

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      I picked up the 7d. Great camera but does anyone have any suggestions for LCD viewfinder magnifiers for the 7D? I saw that cavision makes one for the 5D mkii ( but they suggest a spacer for the 7D. Does anyone make one specifically for the 7D?

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      Grinner Hester

      The only downside that I know of is it’s overheating issues. This is why the 5D is so popular.

      You’ll have no problem finding LCD coolness and audio goodies for it though. Lots of add ons out there today. Almost makes it hard to consider RED at this point. Don’t worry about sticking to the 32 gig compactflash. Throw a nano flashon it and tell it what you’re editing on. Pretty sweet. You can even tell it how long you want to record and it’ll adjust compression accordingly.

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      Yeah, the Nanoflash is a good suggestion, but it costs more than your camera! Nexto and Sanho have some great portable flash storage rigs if the price of a Nano flames your hair.

      As is, a 32GB card will hold approx. 7.5 hours of VGA (SD) video. The 7D uses AVCHD video which contains more data (approx 2.5 – 3x more) so do the math. Also, look up the ‘white papers’ online for the specific brand of CF card you plan on using (SanDisk is recommended by Canon) and check out their specs to be certain.

      Check out’s ‘Z-finder’ as it is one of the more popular, versatile and affordable viewfinders out there.

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      Thanks guys. rocks!! I picked up a Sandisk 32gb card when I bought the camera. Those are the only cards I trust, but I’ll give nanoflash a look.

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      hello guys..
      thanks for sharing information..

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      Hey Rex,

      Did you end up shooting some time-lapse with the 7D? Looks like you got all your other questions answered.


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