Canon Elura 80 won’t Eject cassette!!!!

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      I have had the Canon Elura 80 for over a year. One year and three months, to be exact.
      Now the camcorder lets out a beep and says I should eject the cassette. However, it won’t allow me to eject the cassette! Something is wrong!

      All along the only way I could get a cassette in or out of the Canon Elura was if I had it hooked up to the power chord. NOw I’m finding out this was not always neccessary. As a result, I’m wondering if it was defective be beging with.

      I would hate to think I am going to be charged by Canon for this problem. After all, I have purchased many products from Canon and have been very happy up until now.

      My questions are: do you know how I can solve this problem without having to send it for service?
      What do you think I can do to avoid a service fee?

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