Canon Elura 100 vs. Sony DCR-HC96 vs. Hard drive camcorders

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      Hi, I have been researching which camcorder to buy. I want one that has analog to digital pass through since I have all these Hi-8 tapes from my 1996 analog Sony camcorder that I want to place on my computer and then burn/edit them to dvd. I read up on both of these and they seem to both have the analog to digital pass through, but the Elura has 20X optical zoom vs. the Sony’s 10X optical zoom. Plus the Elura has a mic input and video light. The Sony however has a much better still camera-3.1 megapixels vs. the Canon’s <1megapixel still.
      Also, I am wondering now too whether I should get a hard drive camcorder. I am just wondering if I can use the hard drive camcorder to do analog to digital pass through? Also, is it as easy to edit on the pc as the mini dv’s are??
      Help me! I’m pulling my hair out here trying to decide. I have a $550 budget.
      2 main things I need are analog to digital pass through ( to convert my VHS tapes to digital on pc then burn to dvd) and a camcorder that I can use and easily transfer to pc and edit before burning to dvd.

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