Canon EF II 50 mm f/1.8 lens

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      Hi Guys

      Is this lens any good for video?

      I know its cheap and plastic, but the reviews I’ve seen is that its good for the price for photography, But how about video?

      Has anyone got one? and if so what is your perception of it?

      Cheers in advance…

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      If the image quality is fine for Photography, it will be fine for video. Cheaper lenses tend to be sharper in the center than the outer edge, though.

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      Gary, I’ve shot with a t2i and the EF f1.8 for a little over a year, it being my main camera when I started out. It’s a very versatile lens, although the construction feels cheap (plastic) I’ve traveled a lot with it, taking it through Africa on hikes, safari’s, etc, and it is still in good shape. It is quite sharp for video, and the glass yields a very crisp contrast that really complements the canon sensors. The shallow depth of field is amazing for achieving a professional look easily. All in all, it was well worth the $120 I bought it for. What are you shooting with? If you have a canon dslr, I’d suggest putting magic lantern on it. Running that along with a fast lens like the EF f1.8 will virtually give you a professional digital cinema camera, very comparable to my fs100, which I’ve upgraded to.

      Another thing you might be interested in is the older canon FD lenses. I picked up an f1.4 off ebay for around $80 shipped, and it is in great shape with a very solid metal construction. Adapters can also be bought off ebay for virtually any camera. I’ve had tremendous success using this lens with the sony e-mount line, as the sensor is close enough to the lens that you don’t have issues with the focus. It isn’t as good on any mirrored slrs I’ve tried it with, although you can get some really artsy light spills going on. For reference, here is a video I did using the EF f1.8 and the rebel t2i:

      (Skip to about 1:10 to see a nice shot demonstrating both the contrast and DOF)

      I hope this helps you. If you have any other questions about the lens let me know.


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      As Always, Cheers for the info guys.

      I have just bought one off Ebay for my Canon 600D, so it should be with me by Thursday…… I’ll let you know how it goes.

      As far as the video goes Tim, the quality of the shot looks really good for such a cheap lens.

      I tried installing Magic Lantern, but it wouldn’t install for some reason. However, I’ll give it another go when I get time.

      Cheers again for answering my question guys.

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