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      Hey guys,

      I’m looking to purchase a Canon DSLR in the near future to use on shorts/features/music vids/docos. In order to use one of these cameras (550D, 7D & 5D) effectively and in a similar style to other video cameras it seems one must purchase the RED ROCK bundle ( that allows you to shoot hand held similar to a shoulder mount video cam setup..

      Has anyone purchased this kit and if so what are your thoughts thus far? Is there anything else (accessories/etc) you think you need to use these cameras for music videos/features/shorts?

      I’ve also been reading you should definitely record audio seperately and sync later.. thoughts?



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      Over the years I’ve heard nothing but good things about Redrock and their gear. You’re on the right track about recording separate audio with a DSLR though there are audio adapters you can use for input. You’ll still record ‘reference audio’ on the camera itself even with an external recording device. Make sure you use a slate with a clapper or do a ‘clap’ when you start each take so you’ll be able to sync up the audio in post.

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