Canon B-Roll Camera A1 and HV30 compatible?

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      I have a CanonXH-A1and I need a second HD camcorder asa second camcorder in scenes I shoot.I cannot afford another$3300 for another A1, soI am considering the Canon Vixia H30 which shoots HDVat 30p. Since theXH-A1shoots HDV at 60i, will I have noticeable artifacts in scenes shot with both camcorders when I burn in SD? When I burn in HD? I don’t want to do the experiment if the footage is not almost the same. Thanks for any answers and speculation.

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      According to the specs on the HV30, you can output at 60i. However, even at 30p, you can transcode it to 60i in post, providing your NLE supports it (and I think just about all current NLEs do). Another alternative is to transcode the output from the A1 to 30p. Either way should be a “six of one, half dozen of the other” (equal) proposition.

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      The HV30 is a great B-roll camera for the A1. With some calibrating, you can get the cameras’ color to be pretty much exacly in sync with each other. The only problem you will run into with the HV30 as a B-roll is that its 1-ccd so its low-light performance won’t be as good as the A1.

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      I’m considering buying the Canon HV-30..but I’m concerned about compatability with i-movie 2008 or Final Cut Express for Mac’s. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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