Canon and Sony HDV MiniDV and 16:9 vs 1080i ?

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      Both Sony and Canon claim to record in ‘widescreen’ and at 1080. They don’t (seem) to claim to do it at the same time.

      Both claim that the chip is native 16:9. They claim true ‘1080’. I ask – "Which is it"?

      The Standard MPEG2 formats for MiniDV HD are HDV1 (1280×720) and HDV2 (1440×1080).

      Two, and only two standards. There is no 16:9 at 1080.

      The only 16:9 is at 720. The only 1080 is at 4:3.

      I can’t phantom they are recording 2 different formats at the same time.

      Moreover Sony provides fuel for the arguement that they might have a 16:9 capture capability but they process it down to 4:3. Ref where their discussion of the Enhanced Imaging Processor captures at 1920×1080 (16:9) but outputs at 1440×1080 (4:3).

      I haven’t gotten a straight answer from anyone I’ve talke to (and I have called the manufacturers directly). B&H has told me that no way will I get a 1080 widescreen out of anything less than one of Sony’s $25+K cameras.

      I don’t know what version of the truth to believe. I can live with ‘what is’ if I just know what I am getting.

      Anyone here have real experience with it ??


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      Cfulton is right.
      Non-square pixels.

      But it is true HD in 1080.

      If you have not done so already, play back some video from your camera into a HD 1080 TV!!!. No editing and no deinterlacing but from the tape in your camera into the TV.
      This is why I love my FX1.

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