Canon 5D Mark II video accessories

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I am a pro still photographer and relatively new to video. I have a canon 5d mark 2 still camera that has video capability. I have heardthat you need external audio since internal mic is weak and picks up camera noise and auto focus motor noise.

Question: what are the best options for adding external audio mics for this type of camera? What other types of add ons or accessories should i consider?

My primary use is shooting candid b-roll during corporate meetings and events and occasionally recording over the shoulder interviews.

Thanks for any feedback!

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You might check out the BeachTek DXA-4 Dual XLR Adapter. I have not used it specifically with a Canon 5d Mark II but am sure it works. It allows you to use a "professional" level microphone like an Azden SGM-1X Shotgun Microphone ($199) with XLR cable and plug into the XLR jacks on the BeachTek adapter. Then the BeachTek adapter has the RCA jack that plugs into the camera. You can buy the BeachTek at Calumet for $180. The other idea I have is a DAT recorder. You are recording audio completely separate from the video and have to sync in post. One trick is to clap on screen so you have an audio mark and a video mark to line up when editing.