Canon 550D (T2i) vs. 60D

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      I have been planning on buying the Canon 550D as my B-camera for a while now. I am planning on only purchasing the body as I own a 350D with a 18-55mm Canon lens and a 70-300mm Sigma lens.

      Now with the recent introduction of the Canon 60D, I have also been looking into that. The main difference they say is the flexible LCD screen, which would be handy shooting from a distance as I’ll have to have the tripod at max. height for what I’m doing.

      There’s a difference of about $300/$400 here between the 550D and the 60D. They say it’s also got a wider ISO range, and faster shutter speed..

      Obviously I need time to get used to the camera before I buy it but I don’t have long (shooting 20th Dec) so I need to buy now!

      Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Cheers!

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