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      I have a JVC GR-D770U MiniDV camcorder, and I am unable to transfer the video from my camcorder to my PC running Windows XP Pro. I have plugged in the 4-pin to 6-pin fire wire cable. I have tried to capture the video using Windows Movie Maker, and Adobe Premier Pro CS4, and they will not capture or preview the the video. With Adobe Pemier Pro an error message keeps popping up “Invalide Timecode”. I know the software is communicating with the camera becuase I can rewind, play, and fast forward the tape in the camera, but I can’t capture the video, or even preview it in the software. I have tried emailing JVC support, but they have failed to reply (so much for JVC). I’m at a loss as to how to overcome this obsticale, and get my video onto my hard drive. If I am unable to solve the problem with a solution I’m ready to get rid of the camera, and look for a new one. I considered a video capture card, but the camcorder is already digital, so it woiuld be redundent. I’m stumped, and frustrated, this process should not be rocket science, it shoiuld be straight forward, simple and easy to load your video onto a computer. I would appreciate any help, or suggestions you can offer.

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      Does the tape play fine onyour camcorder? This may be a timecode error due to information loss if the tape has been dropped or gotten dusty over a period of time. This is particularly a side affect with analog tapes, but not as much so with MiniDV. The unfortunate possibility is that this may not be a software issue, but instead one where the camcorder requires repair.

      At this point, I’d try calling JVC instead.

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      You’ve already got a similar thread on this same question. Check my suggestion on the other one and I’ve found, you have to call JVC’s 800# (if in the US) to get anything actually taken care of.

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      Just check your cables and software also see the video is working fine on camcorder


Viewing 3 reply threads
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