Cannot initialise audio

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I have an Avid Xpress Pro which I haven't used in almost a year but having just tried to open up Xpress Pro it gets stuck at the initialising audio stage. Haven't had this problem before: anyone know what to check for or a way around it?(I am very rusty so it may be something pretty obvious!)


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I guess the specific problem should be " failed to initialize audio hardware" when you open up Xpress Pro.
This also happed to me before, and this kind of problem is common with sound card. Avid is very choosy about the hardware it will run.I fixed it in this way:
1. Install "Total Recorder" (free demo)
2. Disable onbard sound card from control panel
3. Open Avid Media Composer
4. Go to >soundcard config > Use Windows Mixer (it will ask you to enable onboard card)
That's it. Your problem will be troubleshot.