cannon XL2 vs Sony pd150?

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      So i have an opportunity to get a used cannonXL2 for only 200 more than my PD150 which I could trade. Just how superior is the XL2 to the PD 150?

      I am still feeling it out, it smells a little fishy. A guy in Oakland has a jvc 200U for 3500, and could be worked lower, really wants to sell fast had it listed for a few days at 4100.00. when I said it was more money than i had considered he then offered up the XL2. the XL2 which is not listed (on craig’s list, the JVC is).

      He wanted me to go to Oakland with cash today or tomorrow I basically told him that wasn’t happening. His story is that him and some buddies took classes and bought the cameras and then just decided they weren’t that into it and he is tired of them sitting around.

      Little worried about the source of the unit to be honest. How do you check if the unit is stolen is my main concern.

      the guy knew about drum hours and fan hours… but was kinda vague as to his projects and where he had used the camera etc.

      any thoughts as to whether I should pursue this

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      tell him straight up…you want to check on the cam’s service record
      if he’s legit, he’ll give you the serials off the cam(s)
      cash only is also a tip off…no paper trail
      are you sure you want these cams? the tech is pretty old by now

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      Thanks for the reply.

      That was my sense of the deal. I will ask for those specifics.

      As far as the old tech cams go that is my price range, 1500.00-2000.00, I would go 3000.00 for an Hvx 200 or equiv. For now and my project is internet based and and more of an info product than cinematography. Just gettin by for now ya know.

      What do you think of the JVC 200U, the one he has is at the outer reach of my price range.

      if legit these cams have very low hours 7-10hr for the XL2, 119hrs for the JVC.

      your thoughts are welcome, I am greenhorn.

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      Hi Saint.

      I have worked with the PD150 and I currently own the Canon XL-2. I really Cannot say anything about the the JVC, but I have been looking at prices and the price he says for the JVC smells like shark bait to me.

      While both, technically, are very similar I really like my Canon. I like the fact that I can change lenses, even though I can’t afford any additional lenses right now. I also like the idea that I can use 24p frame rate as well as 16:9 format that is an option for recording. If you are willing to go as high as $3000 kick this guy to the curb and buy from a reputable dealer. I found mine for $2495 at B&H Photo Video in New York. I f you have not seen their website then you need to check it out.

      Trust me, I do not endorse a company unless they have treated me well as a customer. I purchased online and get the added benefit of receiving their Pro video catalog a couple times a year.

      I almost made the mistake of trying to buy a “deal” but was able to get out of it at the last minute.

      Check em out and see what they have on their used racks

      Staci Newsom
      Old Pueblo Video

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