Cannon DSLR 7D Versatility

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This is a Short we shot for Bucky Lasek at his amazing Bowl. Was shot completly on the Cannon 7d DSLR.

Shows the Versatility of Lenses, Slow motions and the color of the Polorized lense

Any Feedback?

Thanks Tim

fourten visuals


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Three minutes would have been long enough. Interesting stuff but not particularly mind-blowing IMHO.

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Eh, it was alright. I didn't see anything that displayed the versatility of the 7D, which is what your post is about.

You're right, it's a versatile camera, but you didn't shoot in a way that shows how versatile the camera is. When they're skating the bowl, every shot is a wide shot. The reason why HDSLRs because some popular was their ability to shoot shallow DoF. Shooting a wide shot doesn't exploit that ability. Ya sorta did it with those two girls who were watching the skaters, but then you ruined the shot with the blurred edges you added in post.

They're small cameras, too, and you didn't take advantage of that either. You basically didn't do anything that skaters don't already do with the VX or DVX.

Not trying to pick on you. Just giving you some honest criticism.