Candle burned viewfinder vx1000

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      Hey, thanks for reading.
      I’ve been filming yesterday with my VX1000 in a darkened room with a candle.
      Looking at what I filmed on my TV, I noticed 3 small dots on the tape, and on the camera view.
      It appears I’ve burned my viewfinder.

      Besides feeling really bad about it, what can I do?
      Can it be repaired? What would it typically cost?
      Or is it so costly I better get a new one?

      Any tips on how to prevent this from happening again is VERY welcome πŸ™‚ My manual only mentioned looking into the sun, but from what I could read online, its the positive difference between temperature going in and out the camera (even if powered off)
      which, depending on time and source, burns the electronics and makes permanent little splotches on my beloved camera.

      Thanks again for reading, any feedback is much welcome!

      Thomas Lapperre
      Den Helder, Netherlands

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      Pffffeeewww. I just cleaned the lens and viewfinder again and hoped for the best, and the splotches were gone. Either they weren’t permanent or I mistook it for dustparticles which came on the lens or viewfinder when it fell (lousy tripod and then bad handling by me)

      Still any feedback on if it s possible to burn your viewfinder with a candle is much welcome.

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      I actually have never had that happen to me. And I mostly shoot Bar Mitzvahs with extended “Candling Lighting” Ceremonies…. So I wouldn’t worry about it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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