Can you split audio inputs on Canon XL2

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      I have a new Canon XL2 camcorder. I need to run an audio line from a small mixing board into the camera. Is there a way to use one channel of audio for the “line in” from the board, and use one side of the stereo front microphone as the second channel? Sort of a safety track if there’s trouble with the line in signal.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


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      I can with the XL1, so I would imagine somewhere in the operating manual the XL2 would have continued with that ability. I cannot believe that Canon would have eliminated that capability in the transition from the various XL1 models to the XL2. I just don’t know anything about the XL2 to offer more qualified information. Sorry.

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      Damian Lloyd

      Old question, but hopefully I can provide an answer. I own an XL2 — only standard-definition, but still a good camera.

      The front mic is a stereo mic, and will always record a stereo signal. If you want to record from the front mic on one channel, and from an external mic on the other channel, you could:

      1) Get a dual-mini-plug-to-XLR adapter, and plug the front mic into the rear XLR input; or

      2) Record in 12-bit, 4-channel mode.

      I like the first method better, as you can record 16-bit audio.

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