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      I am new to Premiere Pro. I have CS5. I need to lighten up a dark file and burn it to a DVD for another guy to mix.

      Is it possible to burn a disk from the timeline? I have the Production suite but I have just started using the programs and have a long way to go before I can find my way around.

      Any help would be appreciated!


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      No.You would have to export the file for DVD authoring in Encore.

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      Why not?New charger every week

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      are you asking why you can’t burn a dvd directly from the Premiere Pro timeline?

      I guess because the engineers who wrote the software didn’t add that feature back into the program. It used to be a feature back in Premiere Pro 2.0 I think but when they changed Encore from a Point product (That is one that can be bought individually) to a piece of software that is automatically included when you buy Premiere Pro they removed the ability to burn dvds directly from the timeline and now pretty much require that you use Encore or another third party DVD authoring tool.

      From Premiere Pro I believe that command is File>Export>To Encore.

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      If I understand you correctly, you need to select the timeline and the export using the Media Encoder File>Export>Media. You can then copy the exported video file to a DVD. Then the “other guy” can import the file to whichever software he is using for mixing.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I just hit play to the DVD recorder when needing an approval copy.

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      All I could come up withat this time is burn to DVD as data – either by long DVD burning process or DVD-RAM (which is also a long process).

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      Once you correct the video file you can export it to a wide variety of video formats and then burn it to a dvd as data.

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