Can We Use Premiere Pro CS4 to Edit AG-HMC40 video?

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      I’m thinking of buying the Panasonic AG-HMC40 (after checking out the
      ProCamcorder Buyer’s Guide [Videomaker May 2010]). My question is: Will
      I be able to edit the footage in Premier Pro CS4 easily with this

      After reading this part in the Buyer’s Guide: “Final Cut Pro
      editors will be particularly fond of JVC’s GY-HM100 and
      GY-HM700 cameras, as they are now capable of recording directly to
      QuickTime (.mov) files, eliminating the extra time-consuming step of
      converting the files after transfer. These cameras also record in .mp4,
      so users of Premiere Pro and Avid can relax.”

      Especially concerning the part about how owners of the JVC’s
      GY-HM100 and
      GY-HM700 cameras can relax if they’re using Premiere Pro to do their
      editing. I’m wondering if I can “relax” if I’m using Premiere Pro CS4 to
      do my editing with the Panasonic AG-HMC40?

      Thanks in advance for any help,


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      I think the answer is “not as much.” That Panasonic camera appears to record in AVCHD which is a memory hog. I have 8GB RAM, 64 bit OS, 4 core processor, etc., and it lags when editing it in the window in Premiere Pro CS4. The JVC camera looks like it records in a less troublesome format. (This is my understanding but I’m an amateur.) CS5 probably does a better job of handling AVCHD because it uses the video card processor to process it, not just the CPU.

      These two posts (click linsk below) discuss that a lot about it and have a lot of great links. Reading the wikipedia article under AVCHD gives a good overview, too.

      ALL THATSAID, I use CS4 and still make competent videos without too much hassle using AVCHD footage.It just doesn’t always flow perfectly in the editing window, that’s all. The rendered product looks awesome (in my opinion)–every bit as good as what I see on my big screen TV in HD from Directv.

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      Thank you for the info. It’s taking me forever to choose a prosumer camera!!!

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      No problem. Just post followups so I can learn how you’re making out with whatever you choose. Turns out my Sony bit the dust, I think, and I’ll be in the market soon, too, if I can’ t get it fixed.

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