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      Hello everyone. I’m a sports videographer and am looking to improve
      my tools, so I thought I’d ask the experts. Using a football
      recruiting video for example, in each play I need to freeze frame and
      put a circle or some sort of highlight around the subject player, so
      that the coach viewing the video will know who to watch. My current
      tool is (don’t laugh) WMM. It gets the job done, but requires photo
      editing software and is very time consuming.

      I believe that the quality of video is what’s important, but “fancy highlights equals high dollar professional” in some people’s eyes, so effects are important.

      Can Vegas help me do this quickly, and what kind of highlighting effects would be available?



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      The best program to do this sort of stuff would be After Effects, but i understand that it might be a litle too expensive. What you can do inVegasis to use the “Light Rays” effect. What it basically does it darkens the whole video down and make one bright spot. If you play with thesettings, i think you can darken the video down about 50-65% and make the “light spot” somewhatbrighter. Then you can just animate the position of the light. This will drawn the attention to the person/people.

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      Without the need for high amounts of detail in special affects, Vegas Pro will probablysuit your needs. If you’re talking about the Sony Vegas Movie Studio version, then you should be looking at a more highly armed budget.

      Cyberlink PowerDirector(whichoffers nearly the same broadness of functionality as Movie Studio) has an option forediting photosdirectlywith an included PhotoNow program. You could take a video snapshot at the proper position (it will be added automatically to the library), drag it onto the timeline, select it, and began editing by clicking the “Edit Image” button directly above. Without $300 and above software, that’s the best way I know to go. BTW, I’m not entirely sure if the photo software offers tools for drawing – it probably does, but is still something you should check by downloading the freeware version.

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      Vegas will get it done for you as any NLE will. You may have to search for some of the effects you want but most everything you need is in Vegas

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      Ironically, my first Vegas project several years ago (Version 3) did exactly this. I wanted to highlight a skier coming downhill, but identifuing him from dozens of dots on the screen was difficult. Keyframes to the rescue. I can’t remember how I did the highlight, but today I would duplicate the track and use the cookie cutter on the top, play with opacity, (I think). There’s probably at least three or four ways to do it in Vegas. Vegas doesn’t have motion tracking in it, but you should be able to use keyframes to move your highlight with the target.

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