Can this Camera package be beat?

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      Anyone know anything about this reseller?

      That Canon CL2 package is just under $1400 and includes a crapload of stuff.

      I checked B&H and they cant beat that.

      Under reviews I read this store is reputable. Anyone disagree, or have I found a good deal?

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      They are really cheap… But I don’t trust it, check google for shop comments.

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      How can I make this one clear enough…


      Seriously, check out their reviews at Reseller Ratings.

      Tese guys sell what’s called grey market goods. They buy a camera,probably from B&H or some other respectable service. Tey then strip down the camera. When you order, all that you’re going to get is the camera body itself. No battery, no cables, no remote. They probably won’t even give you the lens hood!

      This is, of course, technically illegal if the product is being sold as "new", since Canon only sells the camera as a kit to legitimate resellers.

      Look at the reviews. Over 70 people have reviewed these guys, and most of them were screwed in the most nasty ways imaginable.

      If you buy from them, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.


      PS – Don’t bother trying to get a refund if you do buy this thing. Grey market dealers will use the "RMA" hassle to prevent you from getting your money back.

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      So on a strict $1500 budget, what do you suggest?

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      What about these guys? They have a 5 star review.

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      more of the same brotha. that site is the same as the rest of the b-s’ers

      i just went through this whole process, i searched for days on end trying to find a good deal for a GL2, and it always comes down to this: if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. especially when it comes to cameras from online vendors. i said screw it yesterday and went through b&h, honestly, you can’t beat a GL2 for 1750 after that rebate. it really seems to be the cheapest, most reliable place on the web.

      another approach i was thinking of doing was ebay, every now and again you can find a gl2 for under 1500, usually almost brand new. i was very close to doing this, but i just really felt more comfortable with the reliablility of b&h and how many people had said and felt the same thing. the choice is yours, but ALWAYS check

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      [quote="compusolver"]You made the right choice!

      I’ve already posted my experiences with buying camcorders on ebay. You might as well give a homeless dude a grand or two and ask him to bring you back a GL-2, as to buy through ebay. (But I’ve had good experiences buying new stuff – accessories, etc. on ebay)[/quote]

      Ebay is a good place and you are secured. Most of all you get what you ordered at a good price, but check the shipping rates.. They could ask you 200$ !!

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      So my only chance for a GL2 for $1500 (this really is my hard limit) is Ebay? Thats scary.

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      Unless it is someones personal camcorder that they no longer use, and not a company.

      But regardless, I dont want to be taken.

      I guess I will try to save up my money and add an extra $300 to the total and go through the company you all have mentioned.

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      it really is the best way to do it. i unfortunetly am still waiting for mine, because our debit card wouldn’t allow a purchase that large, so thankfully, b&h split the cost in 2, and allowed us to pay 995 twice over the course of the weekend. they really are a great company, i bet most companies wouldn’t even take the time to find a solution for that problem.

      compusolver, were the cameras you bought on ebay advertised as ‘new still in the box’? and did you go through paypal? i had someone screw me over on an ebay item, but paypal investigated and credited my account the full amount after they found out the seller was to blame. Ebay itself is a shady place, but when you throw paypal(which is the biggest scam ever, they do nothing but be middlemen and make alot of money in the process, by the way) it does add a small factor of security.

      right before i finally decided on b&h, i noticed one persons ebay rating was something like 98% and i decided to check his feedback. upon inspection, i realized alot of the feedback was from the same person, at the exact same minute saying the exact same stuff. is there a way that a dishonest seller could hack his feedback and boost it up with an almost spam like quality? there were literally 30 feedback posts from the same person all posted at 1146 or something to that extent. has anyone else ever noticed this?

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      I have to totally agree with Hank here — I’ve been doing web development/programming, whatever for over 10 years and I am not one who is overly worried about stuff like this.

      Another scam I don’t see mentioned much is when you bid for an item and lose — your ebay id is visible by others and after the auction closes you are contacted by someone acting as the seller. The story is usually the winning bidder couldn’t come through and since you were a losing bidder, was wondering if you are interested before it goes to auction again. Oh, and the seller may be out of the country for a few days and will be doing business from the UK or spain or something like that. I almost fell for it a year ago.

      When it comes to big ticket purchases, I leave that to sellers I know I can trust. Ebay is great for accessories, cases and the like, but leave the most important item in your video equipment to someone you know you can trust.

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