Can tape cameras import footage using USB?

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      I’m not a fan of capturing orfirewire.Can you import footage on tape withUSB, like HDD or Flash Media?

      I’d be putting the tape in the camera, hooking up with USB and then going in the computer and moving files with Windows Explorer or whatever. Is this possible?

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      yeah it’s possible, the drawback to usb is it sends data in bursts and firewire is a constant data stream (so I’ve been told). I’ve only dealt with firewire, your experience may vary. (is that enough cover my butt notes, lol)


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      I’m not sure that you can move tape footage via USB…

      In the past I used Pinnacle’s included USB importer, which converter analog to digital, but that gave no camera control. And quality was bad! Generally with digital video you’re going to want to go with Firewire. It’s fast, used in just about all new computers now, and a PCI Firewire card is $20 now.

      I did some quick Google research, and it seems that Hi8 and Digital8 are really the only formats that would support USB transfer…everyone else uses Firewire because it’s lots easier. Most if not all cameras with miniDV and higher formats will only support Firewire. Hope this is helpful!

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      I’ve been told that USB can’t be used to capture MiniDV tape.Video isn’t laid onto a tape like it is to a hard drive.

      What’s wrong with using firewire?

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      Really you can only do it if the camera specs say so. It’s all in the internal software and how the guts are wired.

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      When I got my first digital video camera (Sony HC40), I did not have 1394 on my PC and I was able to capture from the camera in Roxio Digital Media Creator (version 7 or 8 I think) via USB just fine. Sony’s Screenblast Movie Studio (what I used at the time – Pre-Cursor to Vegas Movie Studio) worked fine with USB as well.

      Ryan is correct however in that you cannot control the camera tape remotely via the PC – You just start the capture and that’s it. No rewind, FF, etc…

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      Ok, thanks for the opinions, especially Ryan and Birdcat!

      I’ll remember that.

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