Can someone help with burning a DVD? I’m getting jumpy audio

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      I’m using Pinnacle Studio v9 and am attempting to burn a dvd of my final project. All looks fine and previews fine, but when I burn it to disc, the resulting disc has jumpy audio for the first 30 sec. The final project that I am rendering to disc is made up of a menu and then 9 previously rendered avi files (audio included) There are no separate audio tracks that need to be retrieved during the rendering.

      I even tried to burn just the first avi file – no menu – and it still burned with jumpy audio in the beginning. I’ve rerendered the first avi file and it previews fine.

      I seem to remember some time ago, that active processes could interfere with disc burning. If that’s true, what processes could be causing the problem?

      Now, for the expected…. I have a deadline and need to get this burned TODAY. So, this request is somewhat urgent.

      Thanks in advance,

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      I’ve just about had it with Pinnacle myself. I downloaded Sony Vegas to give it a try, but couldn’t find anywhere how to create a menu. So, back to Pinnacle I went…

      What should I be upgrading to? I usually only make 1 or 2 projects a year, so naturally, I don’t want to spend too much.

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