Can premier pro CS3 do this?

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      I want to know how can I make someone disappear while is talking to another one in my Video.I always watch in the music or movies especially Nigerian ones.

      Some one disappear then appear without the Video being cut.

      Can some one help me how to tackle this in PP CS3? Or is it a plug in? Please help me if you get me. My Email is

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      Usually the talent that disappears and reappears is recordedagainsta green screen or blue screen (check out the search topics for chroma-key or green screenfor more info). There are several topics here in the forum about chroma-key as well with additional resources. Search here under green screen or chroma key.

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      There are a number of ways to do this —

      If a halfway greenscreen is toosophisticated for CS3, you can tell the actor to “freeze”in his speech between the cuts.

      If you use a greenscreen to reproduce the environment for the talking (or disappearing) actor, you should be aware of having two seperate lighting conditions. The lighting for the green screen should match the original recording room so that the two actors appear to be in the same recording environment.

      Or, you can produce two greenscreens for each actor without altering the light setup. That way – they will be perfectly lit as if they are in the same room. (The background is something else to be aware of)

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      Thank you so much I learn something.. but what worries me is sometime you can even in the road a person disapear or h come with speed the disaprear and then apearin without the Image beeing cut. do you think they put greenscreens in the Road?

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      In instances like that they may lock down (camera is not touched at all during the recording) a camera on a road scene and recordmany minutes of nothing but that scene. Then with the camera still locked (not moved at all from the start) they have the talent perform. You now have 2 shots of the same scene, with and without the talent and you just fade between the two clips to get him to come and go.

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      Great Craftersof light!!

      I also understand this one I will definitly try it on sunday when there is no trafic on the road. also another quwstion: what about two people are sitting in defferent chairs chatingthen one disapears or apears witout the image beeing cut is that also green screen or two shots of the same scene? thank you

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      Ya just lock the camera down on a tripod. Get a shot of the 2 people having a conversation. Then get another shot of the person just talking to the chair. Now just put in a transition (dissolve orcrossfade) inbetween the 2 cuts.

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      This works the same way as cloning someone to make them appear with themselves in the same scene.

      Two shots of the same scene from exactly the same camera placement, one with someone in the chair and one without.

      You then crop the videos together on the timeline. Here is a good video on cloning, it is the same principle

      You can search for ‘How To Clone Yourself Premiere Elements’ and you will find lots of tutorials and articles.

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