Can I use lav mics as boom mics?

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      Hello all. This is my first post. I am a legal videographer who is going to shoot a short film soon with my Sony FX1. Regarding locationaudio(mostly in moving vehicals), is it possible to use one(or more)of my Sony ECM-44B lav mics as a boom mic and run them into my Beachtek XLR adapter, then into my VX-2100 as separate audio? I have a Shure SCM268 4 channel mic mixer, but we’ll be a car most of the time. Also regardless of the answer to my question, what are the pros/cons to recording into my Beachtek/VX-2100 vs a typical field recorder?I’ll get a boom mic if neccessary, but since I have this equiptment I’d thought I’d ask. Thank you in advance

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    Hi Mark,

    The Sony ECM series lav mics are great workhorse microphones and I use them all the time when shooting news stories that involve inside vehicle shots. I don’t see why you’d even consider a boom mic insde the tight confines of an automobile. You can easily run the XLR ECM mics into the Beachtek then route them toeither your FX1 or the VX-2100 and get good reliable sound.


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    Hi Wayne,

    Thank you so much for the advice. I should have specified that MOST of the shots are in a car but some are not. How would those lav mics works outside on a “boom” pole of some kind? Thanks again,


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    Mark, The lav mics are omnidirectional, meaning they pick up sound “all around” wheras most boom mics are directional, meaning they pick up sound in the direction they’re pointed at. so..placing a lav mic on a pole will give you sound, but maybe too much of everything.If you are recording dialouge, can’t you just clip the lavs to the talent/actors?

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    Hi Wayne,

    I can clip the lavs to the actors, but since the mics are wired, it will really restrict some things. Thanks again for all the great advice!

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    You said “I can clip the lavs to the actors, but since the mics are wired, it will really restrict some things.” What we nave done on occasion when using lav mics is to plug them into a Zoom H4N, use a clap board and then sync up in post. Just something to consider.

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    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for your help. I just might try that.

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    This isn’t really about your mics, but if you’re recording audio in the car – do yourself a favor and either tow it on a trailer if you can afford it, or use cruise control.

    I learned the hard way that the road noise at 45 does not sound like the road noise at 50 or 55. Set your cruise control as slow as you feel comfortable and let traffic pass you by – don’t get caught up in traffic. Slower speeds are quieter and a consistent background tire vs road hum will save you a ton of headache in editing. Turn off the radio and and fans/heat/AC. Make sure your windows are rolled up tight if the script doesn’t call for them down. Consider adding extra carpeting to the floor. Every little bit you can do to make the car quieter will help.

    If you have the option of choosing one car over another, go for the quieter ride.

    Regarding mics though… the closer you get to the voice, the less background you’ll have to deal with.

    My two cents…

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    Welcome Mark,

    First off, great first post to get people thinking and talking, you’ve gotten lots of good advice already, so instead of reaffirming what Wayne, Jeff and Joseph have said, take a look at these, they may give you some good examples.

    For any work being done in a vehicle consider how you’ll get lighting. In the video posted after this one, I got to be a grip and help shake the car, that one is more focused on lighting at night (

    And this one should be one you’re familiar with, but may have good suggestions for you.

    Thank you I hope this helps and you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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    One more thing,

    If you do plan to shoot any number of short films a shotgun mic is a worthwhile investment since it can suffice for interviews, voice overs, and specific sounds that you can’t necessarily attach a mic to.

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    Chip Ruhnke, I keep removing your posts because they keep coming out blank, no content. I don’t know how you’re submitting but it isn’t working. Please try another way and let’s see if we can get you on board.

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    Earl, I think the last person to have the “Polar bear in a snowstorm” blank posts had to switch browsers to get the site to work for them… hope that helps

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    Thank you Jackson and Joseph. Great help. Sorry for the slow reply. Happy New Years to you all!

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     EarlC and Mark, I had the problem with the Polar Bear in the snowstorm. One of the other posters suggested a solution that worked. When I would try to post a window would pop up asking if I wanted to leave the page. If I clicked on yes I would have a blank post on this site. Someone suggested that when the window popped up to click on not leaving the page and then click send post again and this time click on leave the page. This worked! Not sure if it is from new notebook (PC) or EI or virus protection (Norton). All I know is this worked.

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