can I reduce 100 mb windows video file to something small

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      I made some instructional videos and rendered as .wmv, They are many gigs in total.

      Is there some way to reduce the size – or is there a better format – so they fit onto fewer dvds and the viewer doesn’t need special software on their computer?

      I can convert to flash, but what if the viewer’s computer can’t read .flv videos?

      Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

      John Ballantrae

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      You can just reencode it at a lower bitrate, smaller rez, or viewer fps.

      I use sirenson squeeze but you can download virtual dub for this.

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      What NLE are you using? Most have pretty good compression options built in (like H.264).

      As Grinner suggested there are many options.

      Most browsers fully support flash through plugins but there are a multitude of options depending on how your end users view the video (online via browsers vs. standard DVD’s vs. BD vs. data discs (DVD’s or CD’s).

Viewing 2 reply threads
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