Can I record to hard drive from Canon XL H1 HDV or XH-A1 HDV?

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      I am looking to upgrade from a sony pro-sumer mini dv to a professional model Canon BUT as technology seems to be moving away from tape, I was hoping to find a model that would record to hard drive. Canon does not seem to offer the pro models with a hard drive, only mini hd tape. What would be the best route for me to go to get high quality images with ease of inputting for editing?

      Also, I often get requests to videotape events. As these situations do not call for editing, simply putting the recording on a format that the consumer can view at home (dvd), I want to minimize my post production time. With the mini dv I currently use, I have to import all of the footage into the computer, put it together in final cut, and export to dvd. All time consuming. Can anyone recommend a way around this while still getting good quality? I have even considered the cameras that record straight to dvd, but they all seem to be low end consumer models and I was not sure how good a quality the end product would be. Suggestions? <span style=”white-space: pre;”> </span>

      <span style=”white-space: pre;”>A</span>s the rest of my work is specialty pieces that require considerable editing, I was hoping to find a camera that would allow me to do both. It is cost prohibitive to have to buy a separate camera for each application, not to mention a lot of gear to haul around.

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      Your ‘tapeless’ options with the Canon pro cams are; record direct to laptop via firewire with Adobe On-Location or an old copy of Serious Magic’s DV Rack (HD version) which is the same product. On-Location comes with the Premiere Bundle, but there is a Mac based program that does the same thing yet at the moment the name eludes me.

      Outside of software, portable harddrive and direct to flash media recorders are your best bet. Focus Enhancements make some good options for both types of recorders. They connect to your camera’s firewire port and you can record to both tape (for archiving) and to CF cards or Harddrive at the same time. They generally use quicktime .mov files in addition to other media files so the clips will go straight into your NLE with just an offload session. The main thing is to check and make sure they or any other brand you choose is compatible with both your camera and your NLE software.

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