Can I burn 1080p footage to a DVD? How?

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      I am a beginner. Our video is only seven minutes long, so I don’t think actually space on the disc is an issue. The footage was shot in 1080p, and edited with Sony Vegas Pro. Is there a way to keep it at this quality? We aren’t sure which options we should choose when rendering in Sony Vegas–we think MPEG2. But we tried that and then we burned it (with Windows DVD Maker) and the video was squished horizontally. What are we missing?

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      You have to tell Vegas that your video is in 16:9, bothwhile editing and in your DVD burning suite.

      If you want the High Definition option, you’ll have to burn it in AVCHD to DVD, where some Bluray players will allow you to play back the footage. Sony Vegas won’t do this on its own, so you’ll need a DVD client that is capable of burning AVCHD discs, such as Nero Burner. Most bluray players don’t even support 1920x1080p60, but most will support the playback of 1920x1080p24.

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      I am use Magix Edit Pro 17 Plus version I can burn the AVCHD Blu-Ray on a DVD the program offer this option.

      To do so you must respect 2 conditions:

      1) The maximum project length is 30 minutes or less.

      2) Need a Blu-Ray burner on the computer and on your TV need a Blu-Ray player.

      Main advantage is the cost of media $0.50 for a DVD compare $2.50 for a Blu-Ray and more easy to find special inkjet DVD to print direct on than Blu-Ray.

      Main disadvantage is poeple try to play a Blu-Ray with a regular DVD player and this not work.

      How to find a solution to this problem.

      I continue to burn DVD top quality to a DVD disk because if you move to quality to 14 and bit rate very high on a TV like a 50 or 52 inches the quality is about 80% of a Blu-Ray naturally B-R offer more detail and crystal colors but pusking to the maximum the DVD quality can avoid B-R media costing too much for the moment and incompatibility.



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