Can FCP capture/edit AVCHD?

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      Looking at apples website it looks like you need a 3rd party card to capture AVCHD onto FCP, though the reps at apple did’nt think so. Has anyone done this? Does anyone know for sure? This is my 2nd time asking, not sure if this such a dumb question that no one wants to answer, or if nobody has tried it yet. Please help…


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      Hi Binnz7dw,

      Yours isn’t a dumb question. If FCE supports AVCHD (which it does – I would assume that FCP would support it as well, although as you point out, their website does not say.

      Having surfed the Apple forums, the message I’m getting is that AVCHD isn’t considered a pro codec so they aren’t supporting it yet. However, I’m also getting that you CAN work with AVCHD within FCP with some crafty work-arounds. Check out the apple forums and see for yourself ( ).

      Good luck.

      In Solidarity,


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