Can Encore Markers be Automatically Set in PPro?

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      I want to set an Encore Marker for every clip in a sequence, automatically.

      I am archiving about 80 mini-DV tapes to an external drive. I am trying to develop a sane workflow to do this. Here is what I have decided so far. Name a new project with the tape’s number. Import via FireWire using scene detect. Here is where the ability to set Encore markers would come into play. I will also use the Timecode effect. Burn a DVD. Use the archive function in PPro to export the project to external hard drive.

      Then sit down with in front of the TV, play the DVD, take notes of clip content & timecode. Here is where the ability to have each clip be its own DVD chapter would come in. As soon as I know enough about a clip, I could use the remote to quickly go to the next clip, er chapter, and log the entire project comfortably.

      Any ideas?

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I believe this cannot be done automatically, you will need to set Encore markers manually. That functionally would be great to have.

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      It is beginning to look like this functionality is not present.

      I am going to submit a feature request to Adobe to add this.

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      You can set markers in Premiere Pro then use the dynamic link in Encore to bring in the project into Encore. As far as I know you have to be in Encore and use it’s dynamic link to bring the project into the program. Once the project is in Encore’s project panel, right click on it and click on new timeline. All your markers will be there so you can create the chapters that you need.

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      I thank you guys for responding. As it stands for me to automate this process: I will setup a keyboard shortcut to add the Encore Chapter Marker while in PPro. I will use page down key to jump from clip to clip, press my custom key, and go to the next clip. If there was just some way to have a script, expression, or whatever automata to do this it would be perfect for me to ingest using scene detected mini-DV tapes.

      Anybody have a solution??

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      T Smith

      perhaps something similar to applying the default transition to all clips but it must attach to beginning of clips and move when cuts/slides/rippl edits are applied on the timeline.


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