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      Hello everyone. I’m a sports videographer and am looking to improve my tools, so I thought I’d ask the experts. Using a football recruiting video for example, in each play I need to freeze frame and put a circle or some sort of highlight around the subject player, so that the coach viewing the video will know who to watch. My current tool is (don’t laugh) WMM. It gets the job done, but requires photo editing software and is very time consuming.

      I believe that the quality of video is what’s important, but “fancy highlights equals high dollar professional” in some people’s eyes, so effects are important.

      Can Elements help me do this quickly, and what kind of highlighting effects would be available?



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      There are many options for highlighting players, with circles, arrows, glow or other options.
      For under $100 Premiere Elements can do some amazing things. If you would like to see some samples there are plenty to view at Muvipix and lots of members doing the same thing you are with sports videos.

      Version 8 is a question mark currently however, not working up to standards for many people. I would say to go with an older version or maybe look at Vegas Movie Studio.

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