Can anyone give me a suggestion on my problem please?

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      Here’s my issue, I’m doing a job for a local musician that plays acoustic sets in local pubs. My business is just getting started so this is my first job like this, I did a trial run for them and the lighting was semi-bad, when i got the video home and edited (I use Vegas 4.0) and transfered on to a DVD it was VERY grainy. Right now i’m using a canon ZR70MC. I’ve done a couple of outside jobs and the video was perfect, so i figured it was the lighting. I returned a week later to the same pub with adaquet lighting and although the picture was better, still grainy, just a hunch but does the smokey atmosphere of the bar have anything to do w/ it. I’d appreciate any advice, thanks.

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      thanks, actually the audio isn’t a problem, i’ve been a sound engineer for about 8 years so i’m pretty good on audio, i’m just running through my board into my cams. and actally, the second video is better than i thought, i need a little more lighting but when i looked at it at first, it was just on my camcorder link to my tv, when i edited it and put it on a DVD it was much better. thanks for writing in thought.

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      Get a Sony DCR-VX2000 and your problem will be solved.

      Even though you could add on/off camera lighting, that could interfere with the mood that the performer wants.

      The camera you have is good for well lit areas and outdoors but will never make it in poorly lit areas.

      Also the 3 ccds of the Sony will give you much better color. The (Advanced HAD) that the Sony has will significantly reduce the noise that you are talking about and give you the low light capabilities that you need.

      Expensive? Yes, but if you are going to go pro then it is a must.

      Danny Fye

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