Can an internal mic be damaged from loud music?

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      Hi there! I have shot some weddings and throughout the evening, I like to go to the tables where the
      guests are seated enjoying the evening and the DJ plays the music SOOO loud, you have to scream
      into the ear of the person next to you to say something. I had the wired mic to my camera as they held the mic and spoke their words to the bride and groom. The input competes with the decibles of the music and it comes out so garbled. THe bride thought it was great, (she knew they were having fun) but I wondered if my video cam mic can be damaged? I would never do it again, I go out in the lobby to get the well wishers. thanks for your time…

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      I’ve never heard of any damage to the mic resulting. Only damage to the audio track :D.

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      Microphones can only record a certain number of decibels. After that point, they start to clip and become distorted like you have found. This doesn’t damage the mic (as far as I know), but does damage the audio track.

      It looks like you’ve already found the easiest solution, of just removing recording from the room with the blaring music.

      If you are worried that the mic is damaged, why don’t you try recording a bit of test footage/audio in your house at normal sound levels. If that too comes out distorted, then the mic is damaged, but I suspect it will sound normal.

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      Depending on the type of mic, yes it can be damaged. I have never seen a modern mic damaged by this, but it is possible.

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      hah, good question, I’ve been wondering about this.

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