Can a camera like the CX700 be used for pro/semi work?

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      Hey all, I have a CX700VE which personally I think the video quality is superb. The only thing is I will be trying this out at a wedding and can’t seem to be able to hand hold it as still as I would like to, I have a tripod but for those moments where a tripod won’t do the trick, it worries me. Do other people use little handhelds for pro work? Or am I better off getting a shoulder cam?

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      Linden, with a slightly larger than 1/3 inch sensor, image quality should be fine for most things that you mentioned as long as you have enough light. A fluid head tripod will allow you to get most of what you need to shoot, the addition of a dolly under it will improve its functionality.For the sprint and shoot or follow the dancing couple situations, a shoulder cam will help but I think that some sort of steady cam setup will do almost as well. If cost is a factor, there are a lot of DIY steady cam solutions (as well as dolly setups) on the internet. Some better than others but all take some practice to achieve good performance.I have made a dolly for my tripod by fashioning a triangle of angle aluminum with three casters that pivotandrollsmoothly attached to each of the points of the triangle, and some bungee cords to anchor the tripod feet to it. A very simple ‘poor man’s steadycam’ is an adjustablemonopod gripped below the head and the length of extension varied for balance (lots of practice). Keep shooting.

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      Thanks for that reply, quite a bit of help there. I do not know whether to just sort myself out another MC2000E, the IQ of it was very good, almost as good as the CX700 – Just wish there was something like the MC2000E with the CX700 inside of it!

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      Linden, check out my earlier (about a year or so) post “A Simple Shoulder Stabilizer” for stabilizing a small camcorder for handheld shooting.


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