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      Can someone go to my website

      I am providing a free service to high school student athletes who are looking for an athletic scholarship. We will be sending out player profiles to college coaches across the nation.

      Im looking for the best way to be able to allow the students the ability to build their own profiles with their Athletic and Academic accomplishment along with a few clips of video highlightsand post them on my website for free

      I know my system will get these kids looked at by any college coach in America because I did it for my own son and he got a great baseball scholarship. I know how had it is for coaches to help kids get to the next level because they dont have any idea as how to get these kids free exposure. These are companies that charge as much as $1500 to do what I can do for free. There are way too many great kids left out of this kind of exposure because they dont have that kind of money. With my system I want to give the kids the tools to do it themselves.

      Oh yeah is their a way for free that I can make my website more flashy. If anyone can help me help the kids I would greatly appreciate it.

      Please email me

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