Camera's to record and potentially stream football/soccer match?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi All

Need some advice. I have been tasked with looking at recording a football/soccer match here in the UK. Standard size pitch.

The person who was doing it no longer wants to do it, and as I do the web, theyhave asked me to see what I can do.

I have looked at this from a streaming view as I know we can do that with the website but of course we need equipment. I would initially like to hook x equipment upto a laptop/desktop in x room that in turn will be linked to a website and potentially a monitor to have in the bar area.

I'd prefer not to have anyone controlling the camera(s) but that poses the issue that we wont have the camera following the play so was thinking like several camera's that split pitch coverage.

Any advice appreciated on setup, changes to what I had in mind, and any advice on kit (cheaper the better) as now clue on this bit. Getting it to work, now, there I should bve ok.