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      I’m tryingto create a company specializing in the production of music video, I try to make a choice between the Sony Z7, Ex1 and the Panasonic HPX 300. Help me please to choose which one could give me a quality such as these clip?
      it would also be really useful to know a little about these lights, or whatever you feel is relevant! thank you in advance!

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      I wouldnt use any of those cameras because they use CMOS sensors. You can get some weird artifacts in your images with these sensors if you’re not careful. One element that causes artifacts is flashing lights, which you may encounter in music video production.

      I wouldn’t go with HDV either if you’re trying to get the quality you see in the videos you posted.Guessing by the cameras you are interested in, I’m guessing the Panasonic HPX500 is out of your price range. In my opinion, the next best thing is the HVX200A or the HPX170. You will get really nice results if you invest in a 35mm lens adapter, such as the Letus Ultimate.

      What makes these images really pop isn’t the camera, it’s color correction.

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      Well, that’s certainly ONE way to drive traffic to Vimeo.

      ANY camera is a tool in the creater’s hands. As Rob notes, color correction has a LOT to do with the final outcome. Doesn’t hurt to have a big budget, full crew, assistants and somebody with talent as well. A newbie going up against the existing competition in the music video arena has a major challenge on his/her hands, IMHO.

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      <p dir=”ltr” id=”result_box”>thank you for your answers, like rob said the 35mm has a lot do with the video, in case I buy the letus, I will have to choose between prime lens ans slr lenses. i just heard a few about the nikon 50mm…for color corection i already have videocopilot filmmaker pro, but in business people often talk about the magic bullet..

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      Letus has a nice bundle that already comes with nice Zeiss lenses. I’d get that:

      That bundle along with an HPX170 or HVX will cost a little more than the HPX300. So you’re really getting a lot for your money in this case. I’d also buy a mattebox and follow focus as well. Zacuto makes nice stuff.

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      ok, i’ll check it right now.

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