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      Hello, I’ve been looking around for some cameras for a while. We currently use 2 home type cameras with a video switcher, recording directly to hard drive at my church. We’re looking to do a major upgrade. We want to have cameras that will be ready for TV. Right now everything goes out on DVD, and we want to be able to either set up so they are played on TV, or do it live.

      The main thing I am looking for right now is which cameras to use. I’m pretty sure we would need HD cameras, as I am seeing that is what TV will be now standard. I just don’t know which cameras. I was looking at the Canon GL2 originally, but now looking at the Sony FX1 for the HD capability. Can you recommend and cameras? We will need two, and will continue to use the video switcher. Right now we have the cameras running to the switcher with s-video cables, with a powered booster about 100 ft. I currently use Pinnacle Studio to capture onto hard drive, because I don’t know what else to use. I’m hoping to stay around the $3,000-$4,000 per camera… hopefully.

      Any suggestions would be awesome. Don’t know too much about the cameras, so I figured I’d come to the pros.

      edit: oh and lighting isn’t too bad, right now it’s all florescents in a room, no windows, eventually it will be a bigger building, but we’re focusing on designing for camera and lighting

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      Just a tad under 5 million, heh.

      We don’t nessecarily need HD, we’re just trying to find out if we will be needing it.

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      Has anybody used the Sony FX1? We’re looking in the next couple of weeks to purchase two cameras, and we’re trying to decide which one we need…

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      I’m experimenting with Macs and a devloper tool called Quartz composer.

      I’m able to switch between two video feeds, (both 16:9) on hd, one sv, overlay tittles and photo slideshows, live web (rss content) and send it out (both hdmi and quicktime broadcaster.
      using a mackbook and an imac.

      home brewed solution using what I had on hand.

      very little effort.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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