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      I have a job coming up and I’m going to run 2 to 3 cameras in a large church service live to a projector.

      I need to run the video feeds from the cameras to a switcher that will be from 50 to 200 feat away.
      I have no idea how to run the camera feeds. Do I use the fire-wire output? Video over cat5 extender? Or maybe just the standard composit out with a booster?

      And how about a switcher? Should I use a videonics firewire switcher? I’ve also heard of a way to use pc based software with capture cards to do live mixing.

      I’m a little over my head here.

      Thanks for your help.
      Garrette Baird

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      You could do FireWire extensions or FW to Cat5, but honestly composite is simplest. Mix your cameras, then take the output (I use an old MX20 for this type project) and send it SVHS (under 100 feet) or Composite to the screen.

      I have the gear, if you’re in PA let me know

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      Yeah that sounds good, but I am worried about signal degradation using composite 100 to 200 feet away from the recorder.

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