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      Hey guys.

      As you can probably tell, I’m pretty new on this forum, so my mistake if this is in the wrong section or, been asked alot before.

      It’s as the title says, I’m just researching an upgrade from my current camera, for near-future purchase.

      My current camcorder is a Sony HDR XR520VE.

      I’m fairly new to film, hence only having a handycam so far, but as of recently I strongly feel its not enough for me.

      Seeming its only a handycam, you guys would know its limits, even though i think its a great camcorder.

      Anyway ill cut it short, I’m just wondering where to look next?

      From what i know there called ‘Semi-pro’ camcorders but when it comes to model, yet alone compareing with others, i have no idea where to start.

      I currently only film things for my own personal projects, and the odd tafe project when i get an assignment.

      So yeh anyway,

      What do you guys recommend as good cameras for what i have blabbed on about?

      (I’m not going to buy it that soon, i just want to really read up on whats there for when i do)

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