Camera Stabilization System

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      If its just family stuff, you can make your own for a tenth of the price.

      Basically you get a straight iron bar with a thread on top for the camera and a weight on the bottom to balance the camera. Also, you attach another bar to the side, for holding the stabilizer. I built the same one, and for the price, it does a great job! Of course, it was for use with my cheap mini-dv camera — I wasn’t about to spend more for the stabilizer than the camera!

      If you’re using a more expensive camera, go for the smoothcam. Pretty much every brand does the same thing, the same way — just with a different logo or design on it. πŸ˜€

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      Hi everybody!

      I’m just a home videographer and usually shoots family affairs.

      I would like to know your comment or suggestions regarding the SmoothCam 200 Camera Stabilization System or maybe you can recommend other brand with the same price (US$220.00 each). I’m planning to purchase one so that I can shoot videos on the move with very minimal camera shake compared to not using at all.

      Thanks in advance!


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      start with a bracket like this:

      here’s me with my hdr hc1, rode mic, sony vid light, and home made dead cat, on the bracket.

      just using a bracket will help.
      then use your tripod, or a bogen magic arm as a ballast, if properly balanced will work as good as a homemade steadycam rig, but be usefull for other things as well. why carry extra weight around when you can use multi purpose tools? obviously the tripod and magic arm can serve more uses than a homade bar with a weight.

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      Have youconsidered a home built design? I got myself one of this and as a freelancevideographer I couldn’t have found a more versitile yet still affordable and decent looking homemade steadycam.

      They have some samplefootage on their site. Check it out,


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