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      HI – our school has been using SD PD170s for a few years, but it is time to go HD. I would appreciate any recommendations on great cameras for general usage (lectures, interviews,etc). Some of my camera guys tell me we can make do with units in the $4K range while others tell me we need to spend $7-$8K.

      Can anyone recommend HD Cam favorites. Interchangeable lenses is not that important. Time code generation might be nice, though we currently live without it. Image quality and durability and ease of use are pretty high priorities – as is a quality viewing screen that allows one to focus and frame the shot well.

      Many thanks for your recommendations.


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      Thanks – will check it out!

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      $4K, give or take, is plenty, a bit more for a Sony HXRNX5U, but the Panasonic AG-HMC150 stands up very well in its price range – $3K at B&H PhotoVideo; A number of Southern California professionals use and stand by the Panasonic. Also, several from here to Florida, LOVE the Sony – somewhat higher priced, but equally lauded among professionals. Both are considerably under the argued $7K-$8K range.

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      Hi – I am returning to hobby Video Making and purchasing a new shoulder mount camera – I am looking at the under $2000 mark and looking at the Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD PAL or the Sony HXR-MC1500HD PAL.

      I will be using the camera for general Club Videos, plus some Motor Sport work but just as a hobby.

      Any comments on these cameras ?


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