Camera purchase suggestion. gl-2 vs. dvx100b vs. pd170

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      Although this may be quite a redundant question/thread to post, I am still not 100% on my decision.

      I have been a filmmaker for quite some time now and am beginning to go into documentary filmmaking. I have recently come into some money and am able to purchase a new camera for mostly documentary purposes. I usually just rent. I am curious to know which camera will be the best purchase in my endeavor. I have used the GL-2 enough to know how it works. I’ve used the DVX-100 enough to absolutely fall in love with it. I have never used the PD170. I know the GL-2 has a smaller CCD and accessory XLR shoe to buy. However, with the extra accessory the GL-2 is still cheaper to buy than the other two.

      Would it be a mistake to invest in a new GL-2 with accessories or would it be who of me to go the distance and invest in the dvx or the pd170?

      I am looking to save money and I don’t necessarily need the 24p features. I am just mainly concerned with how the final cut will look. Please advise me in my decision.

      Thank You.

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      Well, the DVX-100 has progressive scan, and many fimmakers have said it’s great for making feature films. On the other hand, you said you’re getting into documentaries, which might require low light shooting. The PD170 would be best for low-light work. And on yet another hand (you do have 3 hands, right?), HD is becoming more prevalent; so, are you sure you want to invest in standard definition? Maybe investing in the lower cost GL-2 would do for the next year or 2, while saving some money for your HD dream camera.

      How’s that for a lot of talk that doesn’t answer your question? X-D

      Ken Hull

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      Haha. Yea, well thank you for the response Ken. I do appreciate it, however, I’m still not convinced what is the best buy for my situation right now.

      If anyone could give a helping piece of advice it would be much appreciated.

      Thank You

Viewing 2 reply threads
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