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      I am selling my Pd170 and upgrading to HD.

      I have a few choices but i am not sure which one i want. Please give input.


      Sony V1u

      Panasonic Ag hvx 200

      Canon Xh A1…..

      if you have other suggestions be more then welcome to post them.


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      In addition to the HVX200, and Canon XHA1, check out the new Panasonic AVCCAM model AG-HMC150, 3-CCD that records to SD and SDHC cards. Seems in the high definition arena that solid state memory is getting better, more affordable and some day will actually take over the MiniDV tape for acquisition. No moving parts, no carrier/transport system for tape to worry about.

      I have heard mostly good things about all the models you have listed, though. Sounds like you’d have the budget for the 150 should its specs tickle your fancy. Lotta camera in that one, for $4K.

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      I have read that the Sony V1U has it’s controls laid out almost identical to the PD170. So it would be easy for you to switch to it. Of course, it wouldn’t be as sensitive to light. If low-light is an issue, look at the Sony PMW-EX1 (although it’s more expensive and less comfortable to hand-hold). I think the Panasonic HVX200 and JVC HD110 do OK in low-light (though not as well as the EX1 or your PD170).

      Does the limited capacity of a P2 card matter to you? An HDV camcorder will be able to record continuosly for an hour, and the tape can serve as an inexpensive way to archive raw footage. The EX1 can get good record time on it’s SxS cards. Also, you might investigate Panasonic’s new unit, the AG-HMC150, which uses memory cards.

      Things to consider are whether 720p, 1080i, or 1080p make any difference to you. And, are you going to have the unit on a tripod most of the time, or would a shoulder mount design be worthwhile.

      Ken Hull

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      KenI am so torn about which camera to get. I have slimmed it down now to the Hvx200 and the HMC-150. please give me a third party analysis of both and why you would get either camera. I would reallyappreciateit


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      Well Andrew,

      I feel the big difference between the 2 is that the HVX shoots DVCPro HD and the HMC150 shoots AVCHD. What one do you want? Do you know the difference?

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      to be honest no i don’t.

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      DVCPro HD is less compressed than AVCHD. What does that mean?

      Compression is kinda complicated. In simple terms I like to explain it as: Compression is throwing out redundent information to achieve a smaller file size, but at the same time, tricking your eyes (and ears if working with audio) into thinking nothing was thrown out.Even though you may not notice it, video that is more compressed (aka has a smaller file size) will have a lower quality image than video that is less compressed…because more information was thrown out. Make sense?

      So, DVCPro HD is less compressed and has better image quality than AVCHD because AVCHD is more compressed, in fact, more compressed than the HDV codec, which is known to be buggy.

      So you may be thinking, “Well why would anyone want AVCHD?” It depends what you’re shooting. If you’re shooting a wedding and don’t have a lot of time to transfer the video from the card to a laptop so you can have a fresh card to continue recording, then you will want AVCHD because it’s more compressed. And like I said above, more compressed = smaller file size. Smaller file size = fitting more video onto a card.

      If you’re using a 16GB card, you will fit more AVCHD to the card than DCVProHD. The downside is that the image quality is degraded.

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      Ok. Sorry for asking so many questions but i never really have gotten into the more technical side of all of this. I shoot action videography (wakeboarding), and i want to get the color quality but save as much space as possible. Which do you think is better for hours and hours of sitting on the grass filming in all types of lighting situations? My budget is around 4,500 at the most, i know that is not a lot for either camera but is it that big of a deal if i shoot on an HD tape?

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      Depending on the program you will edit with, you should be able to adjust color in that.

      But it sounds to me like AVCHD would be a good choice for you since you will be out for hours and probably won’t be lugging around a laptop to transfer the video from the card to.

      Although, if you’re serious about getting into this industry, DVCPro HD will probably be a better choice. But then again, you’re a beginner, and as a beginner you should just stick with an SD miniDV camera and learn the basics. It’s not like miniDV or SD suddenly became horrible looking when HD became available.

      But if this just a hobby, AVCHD will be fine. But that’s a lot of money to spend on a hobby….

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      its not that it is a hobby. I am just still in high school. I want to go to film school when i graduate.

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