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      I hope this is the right place to post this.

      Hey, I have a Kodak Easyshare V1003, and with the video function, It makes an annoying ticking sound that ruins the videos. I know

      it’s not a real camcorder, but it’s all I got. Anyways, I’ve noticed it makes the noise more whenever there’s more action in the shot.

      Any help would be great. thanks

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      i would think that the noise you are hearing is from maybe the carry strap or vibrations picked up from the case itself from handling. those digital cameras don’t have any shock absorption on the built in mic so it will pick up the slightest noise from handling.


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      John has a good point. It is very simple to rule out handling noise. Put the camera on a tripod or nestle it on a pillow and shoot some video. Be sure to shoot something with lots of action in the frame. If the ticking still occurs, you’ve got some sort of camera problem. The V1003 has no moving parts to record video. But the lens will continue to auto-focus, which could cause sounds. So try turning off the auto-focus function and repeat the test. And you didn’t mention if there is any zooming during your recordings, but that could also cause internal camera noise. Once you have ruled out camera noise, you’ll know it is the way you are handling your camera.

      Good luck. Hope you’re able to work out what the problem is.

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      Ok I figured out it was the auto focus making the noise. I turned it off though and it’s horrible quality, and I don’t think you can manual focus.. thanks for replys

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      Glad you got the issue worked out. I wonder about the quality issue though. In the C-Net review of the camera, it got very poor marks in picture quality, especially in low light situations. Try getting more light on your scene and see if that helps any. And I was also unable to locate a manual focus option. Once again, more light will increase your depth of field so you won’t need to focus as much. Isn’t light wonderful?

      Good luck & good shooting.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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