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      I am wandering what you all think is needed to have in your kit. From lights to camera accessories. What do you have in your kit?

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      What do you mean by "kit"?

      There are many different events out there that would require different gear.

      Can you be more specific?


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      Like I take my camera, shotgun, steady bag, leveling wedges stuff like that. Things that aid in the shoot…

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      Hummm. You’re still kind of vague. πŸ˜•

      I guess for me, if I have a wedding shoot, I take everything I own (minus computers) that has to do with video taping because I don’t want to be stranded out there and not have the right gear with me. Cameras, lights, batteries, tapes, tripods, cords, chargers, mic systems, ect ect

      If I’m working on a sporting event project, I just take a camera, tripod, batteries and tapes.

      If I’m just going over to the in-laws for a birthday party, I just take my camera w/battery and a loaded tape.

      As I said, it really depends on what kind of video job you’re going to be doing.

      Is this what you’re looking for?


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      Concur on above!

      Plus, for every job IMO, a small flashlight. I carry one in my pocket on all jobs at all times. Made of tough plastic, adding to durability because it gets gripped by my teeth from time to time, when both hands occupied. Also, it can stand on its own base on floor, table, top of equipment, top of bar, etc. and be easily aimed. Available in bright colors (easier to find … but not harder to lose!!!) from chain stores everywhere.

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      compusolver Wrote:

      My wife, Jean has a kit just like mine, but her bag is a little bigger and she carries a little more gear.

      Slave driver! X-D

      Tom: I should get a plastic flashlight. Right now I have a little steel Mini Maglite. It’s kind of hard on the teeth!


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      Ok here goes:

      digital slr 5 lenses, 2 flashes, batteries, memory cards, flash cables, release cable, mem card reader, flash bracket, foldup reflector, mackbook. in a computrekker backpack.

      Bag # 2:

      Canon g5, canon pro1, batteries, charger, flash unit, cables for flash, memory cards. small camera bag. spare harddrive.

      Bag #3:

      2 camcorders, batteries, memory cards, dv tapes, head cleaner, cords, cables av connectors, video light, rode shotgun, handheld mike, wireless lave mike, modified flash bracket.

      Bag #4:

      3 vivitar flash units, ringflash, slaves (optical and radio), clamps, brackets, misc pieces, gaffer tape, green masking tape, duct tape, clothspins, flash filters, gels. film slr and film.

      Bag #5

      3 light stands, portable backdrop, 3 tripods

      bag #6

      tent pegs, heavy plastic bags (for filling with sand/gravel), cords tools, flashlights, clamps gels, 3 quartz lights.

      1 case with studio flash system (3 monoblocs), umbrellas, reflectors etc.

      1 5×5 ft softbox and stand

      one box, with power cords, power strips, fuses, breakers, tools, electric tape.

      2 battery packs w/ac inverters

      battery chargers.

      inkjet printer


      flat panel monitor.

      Summize it to say my camera bag is a ’93 chevy astro van!

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      Don’t forget a white balance card- some lighting conditions are tricky, espesially stage work. I made a master packing list with all the gear on it, made several copies, and use that for every job. I take the list with me on the shoot to insure I get all the gear picked up. Also, I have tons of connectors and cable adapters for working with "house" audio systems. I keep all these in a large clear plastic box that is used for fishing tackle. One thing that is easy to forget is headphones. On my JVC DV5000, I velcro’d a small pouch that holds a set of little Walkman type earbud phones. I always take a digital still camera. On a mutli-camera shoot, use the flash to put a Synch mark in the tapes. This is really good for those A/B roll synch-ups. I also use the still camera for shooting graphs and charts at seminars. There are times when you just can’t get a good shot of these during the live shoot. Also, I look for still shots to use on the DVD cover art- this includes the talent. Another thing I pack in my blank tape box is a head cleaning tape. Oh ya- DUCT TAPE!

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      I like to think of light stands as "idiot magnets".
      Stand a tall pole in the middle of a wide open space, and some idiot will be irresistably drawn towards it, and walk into it.
      (leaving one to wonder, "how someone dumb enough to walk into a pole(no matter how well marked, signed or blocked off) can make enough money to hire a lawyer?").

      thereforegaffer tape, sand bags and yes when useable, tent pegs. anchor those stands. Save some idiot from all the trouble of having to sue you.

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      I feel an Oprah moment coming on (sorry for mentioning Oprah– please don’t ban me from the forum).

      Favorite Things in my bag:
      1) Pocket Knife
      You can’t live without it no matter what type of production your doing. I’ve got a Leatherman Juice that’s small enough to throw in my pocket. All you really need is something with a knife edge, philips and flat head, pliers, scissors are a nice touch and a cork screw/bottle opener for the wrap party.
      2) Gaffer’s Tape
      Enough said.
      3) Space blanket
      It’s a super-light-weight rain-slick/sun-shade for you camera and/or operator. It can also double as a reflector if need be (although it’s difficult to control) and, if you end up stranded somewhere it will keep warm.

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      (Mentioned already? Kit bag is a truck and there is no monitor on board…) My "kit" often includes a small miniDV VCR w/built in 4 inch screen (AKA "monitor"). Has value for indicating adjustments needed to location environment and to cam settings during the shoot; also, enables "daily’s" to be shown to participants so they can phreak it or fix it. [Annoying side effect is that the general public still goes ga ga over the bright saturated images that were shot in almost-darkness, a tribute to the low light performance of Sony’s top of the line Standard Definition cams (i.e., family that includes VX-2100 and the PD-170).]

      How about pens, business cards, Tiger Balm, handi-wipes ???

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Time to get a big rig, I can squeeze in the can of Dust Off! πŸ˜€

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      Pocket or Belt Kit
      tweaker screwdriver (2 sizes philips 2 sizes flat)
      sharpie (no, not sharpei the dog)
      light gloves
      sm roll gaff tape
      business cards

      Basic fannypack (video or photo bag)
      Mini sandbag
      mini flexfill (white/gray) that folds out toa bout 1foot Diameter
      2 flashes
      card readers and USB cable
      condoms (dry) for doing underwater mic protection
      pens/release forms
      business cards

      Macgyver Kit (fanny pack)
      adj wrench
      zip ties
      butane solder iron and solder
      misc connectors/adaptors
      business cards

      clip on kit of C-47s (clothespins)
      pony clamps
      heavier gloves

      and I have about 8 other kits…not counting the grip kit my rental house sends out which is a LARGE suitcase fullof all sorts of stuff.

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      In reference to the raincover for the camera, what is best? I would think that if you use a space blanket for this, the wind would be a problem. As with the tripod, lighter is not always better.

      Keeping in mind that I am a complete newbie, no one mentioned the velcro straps.. I have found them better for temporary usage over the tie wraps. You can purchase the 8 inch ones for most small jobs, but there is also a long piece that you can cut to the needed length. I work with a lot of USB and cat 5 cables (for printer sharing) and the velcro straps are a godsend.

      I only have about 30 tapes so far, but the Avery return address labels fit the tape cartridge top for quick labeling. You can get them in full size sheets or the smaller packages. (Later you can run them through a printer and get better permanent labeling.)

      A lot of my DVDs will be printed and I like to have several good digi pics to choose from to print on the DVD. I am unable to video and take stills at the same time. I now carry a SmartDisk PhotoBank. I can remove the memory card from another parent’s camera, plug it into the PhotoBank and copy their pics after the game. The PhotoBank is self powered with it’s own rechargable battery. Saves firing up a laptop and/or using a cardreader. Back at the desktop, you connect the PhotoBank with a USB cable.


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      as a pro photog, who’s learning video, that may be equivellent to a photographer, telling someone, just use your web cam to grab some video for your dvd…it’s good enough…..

      truthfully, and with all kidding aside, I wouldn’t use anything less than a canon g5 for a snapshot, it’s small enough to carry and use.

      I manage two camcorders and three digital cameras with tripods and one assistant.

      Then you’ll have the option of doing some serious Ken Burns type pans and zooms, on your stills….

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      1 camera
      4 batteries
      battery charger
      5 tapes
      wireless mic kit+spare batteries
      stick mic
      audio adapters XLR/quater"/RCA, line/mic
      2 power cords/bars
      light+lightstand+spare bulbs
      tunnel tape+red duct tape+yellow/black safety tape

      Unsolicited Critics of Wedding Videos

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      My Canon S31S still camera will shoot 640X480 at 30fps/stereo continuous until the card is filled. This is a very cool camera for the price!

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