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      Hello everyone,

      I am currently looking into the possibilities of buying my own camera, i have made some shorts and stuff, but i am tired of not being able to just go out and shooting when i want to because you need a camera.
      So what i am interested in? well my budget is about 6000$, I have and still do make independent funded short films of good quality, so i really need the best in my category. Some people say that with good lightning a cheaper camera can be better than a Hdv with bad lightning. I know, i have good lightning people to back me up. I have used the Canon XL H1 with a PS technik mini35 and a 50mm lense, i really had a good DOF and it looked very grainy and filmic. So i am really interested in a interchangeable camera where its possible to mount a mini35 adaptor to get better DOF. What cameras do you suggest i buy?
      Some other questions:

      What a the difference between the canon XL series, which one is best?
      What is the commonly known best mini35 adaptor and which one to i get the most out of in terms of price?

      Btw I am thinking of buying a used camera if possible to save money.

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      Have you looked at the Sony PMW-EX1 (or EX3 if you have a bit more $$$).

      “Survivorman” is shot with the EX1. The EX3 gives you interchangeable lenses.

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      AvatarMat Grimes

      I’m in the same boat as you. My budget is more like $5000 though.

      I am looking at getting the Panasonic HMC 150 which is great camera for a good price ($3500).

      I’m not sure which 35mm adapter to get. The redrock is $1000. I just want an adapter and lens that I can shoot without having to flip the image in post or while shooting.

      Any help with an adapter that has a good price and doesnt need to be flipped would be appreciated!

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      Heartzz and Mat,

      Canon makes some great cams and the XLH and XH series are some of their best non-ENG/Studio grade rigs. Heartzz, you’re going to spend way more than $6k for the XLH1a and forget about the XLH1s.

      Though I love Sony’s pro cam’s I hate their prosumer lines not because they don’t get great imagery, but because Sony is notorious for whippin’ out a new format every couple of years! That and their product support ain’t stellar for the bucks you shell out.

      I’m seriously leaning towards Canon’s 5DMkII and the 7D DSLR’s. Stupid high-res HD, more lens choices than you can shake a stick at and best of all, cheap. You figure you could take that $6k, get a 5DMk II a full mattebox kit from Redrock or Zacuto, 32GB class 6 flash media cards, Kata or Porta-Brace camera bag, a pro lightweight tripod, a stripped down macbook pro or a gassed up built-to-order PC laptop, CS4 production suite and maybe have enough left over for a decent 3-light kit.

      Mat RRM’s MicroX Flip accessory would be an extra $554.00 + Shipping. With a 5k budget you might want to take a look at the Canon DSLR’s too.

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      Have you checked the JVC GY-HM100U – a $4,000 compact pro camcorder with excellent picture reproduction. Low light performance isn’t one of its greatest strengths, though. If you’re looking to record indoors without the use of external lighting, I’d go with one of Canon’s GL or XL models.

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