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      hey guys, i’m working on a low budget project for a local hospital. i currently don’t have a good camera. i have a sony handycam…a cheap $300 or so camera. i’m working currently with a simple microsoft movie maker. i’m really wanting to push my limits…the only problem is money. so, i have talked with some people, and we have come up with a small budget of $1350 for the whole project as in a camera, and editing program, if needed. so, my problem as of now is the camera. i went for some test shooting, which was indoors, and outdoors. the indoors wasn’t as bad as the outdoors. when i put it into movie maker, and edited a few clips for a test, i put it onto a DVD-R, and poped it in. it was VERY pixalated. so, im here trying to get help. i’m thinking i either need a new camera, something that will capture good footage, with little pixalation, or a new editing program….maybe both. anyway, i’m currently looking at a few cameras….the problem again is prices. i have heard many good things with the Sony VX2100, and the Canon XL-2. i think i can probably find a good used one. also, the other problem i am running into is if i get say, one of those cameras, will i be able to use them in movie maker, or do i have to get another program to host the video? anyway, let me know what yall think about the camera situation. its more of a documentary than a movie, but, this camera will be used for both. πŸ™‚

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      For your budget, a used GL-2 (or GL-1) would be the way to go. Be VERY careful buying used XL series cameras-a lot of online shops cannibalize the units, and they’ll only sell you the camera body, not the lense, battery, charger, or anything else that comes with the unit new, or that you’d need to even just use the unit.

      I found a Used GL-2 online for $1500, and there are cheaper ones out there to be found.

      There are cheaper 3CCD cameras out there, that will give you a good picture. I saw one from JVC for around $800 brand new. Watch out for JVC, though, as I’ve had a couple JVC cameras freak out on me in the past.

      You get what you pay for. Keep in mind that if you’re doing any pans and tilts, you’ll want a good tripod too, which could easily cost half your budget.

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      Just to add few ideas to this — you might want to look at renting a camera. (Honestly, I have not done it myself). While you end up not owning the camera in the end, the goal is to create something with quality.

      For editing — Windows movie maker is great for being a free program. Vegas Movie Studio and Premiere elements are 2 decent programs for about 99.00 or less.

      Lastly, you might just want to throw out some messages on craigslist or other message boards asking for some help – speaking for myself as a hobbyist, I would love to get some more experience by donating my time and equipment and in return get another clip for my demo reel.

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