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Hey everyone, I am creating a video which will be set in a nightclub environment. Are there any cameras that you would suggest for filming in this kind of environment? I am sorry if I posted in the wrong part of the forum also :P

Thanks in advance!

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DSLRs are great. The bigger the sensor the better.

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My Z5 has a similar sensor to the AX2000, and works great at wedding receptions. 1.5 lux.

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I have an AX2000. GEAT in low light. I have no complaints about it. The 2 XLR inputs are also a great feature. The last video I shot was at a racetrack at night. The audio is screwed up because the announcer was in an enclosed room andI was about 300 feet away on a roof.Ihave remedied my sound issues of my wireless system. Here is the link if you want to see it.

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I have been shooting a quite a few live music vids using a Panasonic AG-HMC150 and found it to work very good in low light situations.

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edinzec - I guess it boils down to budget and shooting style. Are you a small sensor video camera person, a large sensor video camera person or a DSL person?

If you're a small sensor, fixed lens guy, you should be fine with the cameras suggested above.

If you want your nightclub videos to have a shallow depth of field, bright look, and budget permits, you probably want the Sony FS100 Super 35 sensor interchangeable lens digital cinema camera. Shoots down to 0.28lux.

Here it is cruising South Beach in Miami at night with a Sigma f1.8 lens:

Here it is shooting some San Francisco exteriors at night:

If you want to spend a little less money and don't mind the compromises inherent in DSL shooting -you can get a $750 Panasonic GH2 with a couple of Voigtlander Nokton f0.95 lenses (25mm and 17.5mm). Here is the GH2 with the Nokton 25mm shooting some night exteriors in Tokyo:

And night interiors:

Hope this is helpful. Good luck with your decision!


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