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      Hi there.
      I am new to these message boards, but have been a subscriber to the magazine for about 8 years.

      I am toying with the idea of purchasing a Hi-def camcorder, but I have some questions about performance.

      I use my camera almost exclusively for filming wakeboarding. The action is intense, and the background is changing every frame. Are the HD cameras acurate enough to capture high speed action and changing backgrounds with minimal pixelation?

      Additionally, performance during rough motion is very important. A signature shot in this sport is called a double-up, which consists of looping around over your own wake to set up a peak for the rider….. the boat is subject to 3 GIGANTIC jolts- translated to the camera- after which the camera man has less than 2 seconds to steady and frame a high speed shot.

      Just for reference, here is the basic gist of what I am filming….

      Any suggestions on a decently priced HD camera that will perform in this enviroment?
      I am trying to stay below $4000.

      Thanks in advance…..

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      It may be out of the question, but at the just ended NAB Post in NY, Olympus was showing a DV camera that could shoot thirty thousand frames per second (it scaled the picture at that rate but did a full 720X480 at lower-but-still-higher-than-normal speeds).

      I’ve also been told that HDV is not ideal for fast motion (like pans and such).

      Just a thought – It was very pricey as I remember though….

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      Thirty Thousand frames a second? a quick calculation suggests that you’d expire from the amount of light needed to illuminate the chips based on current efficiency standards – do you have more info.

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      The link to the camera (called i-SPEED) on the Olympus website is:

      It is actually 33,00 FPS. It is also very impressive to see. It will do 1000 FPS at 800 X 600.

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      Thank you for the replies and the kind words.
      The footage I posted was actually a wider shot than I have been using… I have since started to take the shots in a little closer.

      I suppose I may just wait a couple more years to upgrade to HD.

      Are there any suggestions for a mid range DV camera?
      The one I have is a sony trv460 digital 8, very serviceable in most aspects, but I would like something a little more suited for action, as well as more color control.

      Wieght and size are not a factor, in fact I believe that the heavier it is, the less jarring I will see.
      I would prefer to stay with tape.
      Something that shoots 16×9 is a requirement.
      A bonus would be anything that has the capability to shoot 60fps or up for a smooth slow motion shot and a fast shutter speed. (the more complex moves can have 720 degrees of spin over 30- 40 frames)

      For a standard def camcorder, I would like to put the cap at about $2000…. I still plan on upgrading as soon as a reasonably priced hd camcorder hits the market.

      I am sorry to keep bugging you all, but if you have suggestions on something that may fit the bill, I would greatly appreciate it.

      p.s…… Thanks again.
      Here is a link to the riding that did not go so smoothly….. bone crunching bails!

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