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      I’ve been searching for a digital video camera that meets these needs,

      Able to plug in an external bullet camera and external mic.

      Good picture and sound quality (the external mic would probably take care of the sound quality)

      Switchable lenses would be nice,or I could just use different bullet cameras.

      Able to keep the good picture quality while filming action sports “on board.”
      Examples would be auto racing, snowboarding,etc.

      Price under $300. I would prefer a $150-200 range.

      Doesnt have to be new, but i dont wantanything really out dated.

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      No “switchable” lenses in that price range. Most any camera in the $300 and under range will perform about the same. Just look for one that has a mic input, not sure if you’ll find an external video input for another camera feed in that price range?

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      Instead of trying to find a camera that accepts a bullet camera to be plugged in, check out some of the POV or Helmet cams that are out there. Contour HD, GoPro & VIO POV1.5 have nice kits available allowing you to mount the camera to your head, a car, a surfboard, a boat, whatever. The Vio unit has an external mic input. Not sure if the others do or not. All three of these have HD models. They record to SD or MicroSD depending on the unit. Most of these are available around $300 new.

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      I want to be able to use it as a regular video camera though.

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      OK, I understand. It may be difficult to find a sub $300 camera with video input. Good luck though

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      You’re not going to find a camera with such high-end requirements for $300 bucks. Even with an inexpensive ‘happycam’ the closest thing you’ll get to ‘switchable lenses’ are lens adapters (wide-angle, telephoto, etc.) However, those will often cost as much or more than your camera.

      You’re best bet in that range is to get a ‘happy snap’ like a Sony Cybershot, or a Canon Powershot for under $200 and use the rest to buy some support gear (i.e. tripod, gorillapod and suction cup mounts) to keep it steady while you use it in the video camera mode.

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